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Pricing Plans and Payments

Pricing Plans

  • 7 Days Free Trial FAQs: Try ReachEngine before purchasing a plan
  • “Pay as You Go” plan
  • How to sign up for the Quarterly/Yearly Subscription?
  • Is the price mentioned in the pricing chart inclusive of taxes?

Changing / cancelling the plan

  • How do I change the term of my plan? (Monthly to Quarterly/Yearly subscription and vice versa)
  • How do I stop my subscription? What happens if I terminate the term plan before the last date?

Payments, Billing, & Invoices

  • Which payment methods does ReachEngine accept?
  • What is ReachEngine’s refund policy?
  • Where can I find my payment receipt/acknowledgement/invoice?
  • Money got deducted from the bank account, but the transaction didn’t succeed. What should I do?