Pricing Plans and Payments

What is “Pay as You Go” plan?

The “Pay As You Go plan” is a flexible option that lets you buy email credits as per your requirement. With this plan, you will have not have to pay recurrently every month. You will pay only to buy new credits when your existing email credits are exhausted. 

How to sign up for the "Pay as You Go" plan?

To sign up for the “Pay As You Go” plan, follow these simple steps: 

  • Go to Pricing Plans and scroll down to “Prefer to ‘Pay As You Go’? 
ReachEngine sign up
  • Click on the “Know More” button.
pay as you go subscription
  • Enter the required information and click on “Submit.”   
  • Our team will contact you soon.   

What will benefit me more - “Pay As You Go” plan or a Subscription plan?

Choosing which plan would suit you best depends on your monthly usage.   

Subscription Plans: – 

Subscription-based plans are perfect for businesses that have fixed monthly emailing requirements. This way, they can subscribe to a plan that fits their strategy the most and can avoid the hassle of buying email credits every month.  

“Pay As You Go” plan 

The “Pay as You Go” plan is perfect for businesses with varying emailing needs. This way, they can estimate their requirements for the near future and buy credits accordingly. The “Pay as You Go” plan thus helps them save money and get maximum benefits. 

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