What are Delivery servers?

Delivery Server does the function of delivering the email from your ReachEngine dashboard to your user’s mailbox. Whether it is a campaign, transaction, or test email run, your email will never reach your user if there is no server taking care of these deliveries. Thus, we call it a “Delivery Server.”

By default, all email deliveries will happen via ReachEngine’s Delivery Server. However, you are free to add your server as a “delivery server” in the dashboard. If you do, all emails from your campaigns will be delivered via your Delivery Server only. Adding your server is included in your plan and requires no extra charges.

How to create a Delivery server?

To create a Delivery Server, please follow these simple steps: – 

  • Log in to your ReachEngine Dashboard.  
what are delivery servers
  • Go to “Servers > Delivery Servers.” 
how to create delivery server
  • Click on “Create New.” 
  • Click on the server you want to add.  
create new delivery server
  • Fill in all the required details and click on “Save Changes.”  

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