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Is there a difference between disabling the account and closing the account?

Disabling / Deactivating an account is different from closing an account. Here’s how: 

 Disabling / Deactivating your accountClosing your account
What happens to my data, such as lists, segments, campaigns, and subscribers?When you disable your account, you’ll lose all your saved data.When you close your account, you’ll lose all your saved data.
Can I activate my account again? Is there a grace period?


After you disable/deactivate your account, we will keep your account accessible for a grace time. However, we will close the account permanently if you don’t access the dashboard within that time.


Closing an account is a permanent action and cannot be reversed.

How to?

You can disable/deactivate your account from your dashboard. To do so: –

Click on your name at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Go to “My Account.”

Click on the fourth tab called “Disable account.”

Read the information and click on “Disable account.”

To close your account, you’ll have to contact our support team.

How to contact ReachEngine support?

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