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Email Verification: Why do I need to verify my email address while signing up?

Email Verification is crucial to ensure we can deliver the best service to you.   

  • When you verify your email, it notifies your email service provider that you trust ReachEngine. Therefore, it will protect our essential emails from landing in your spam folder.   
  • It also helps us make sure we keep any cyber threats at bay.   
  • Email Verification is a way for you to ensure that you have entered the correct email address. Thus, essential emails such as invoices, support responses, etc., will not get misdelivered.   

How to verify my Email Address?

When you sign up with ReachEngine for the first time, you’ll receive an email from us for “Account Activation.” You’ll find a link in the email text called “Confirm your Email.” Click on the link. That’s it. Your email address is now successfully verified.    

Do I have to verify my Email Address every time I change it in the dashboard?

When you change your email address, you change your login credentials. Therefore, we will send a verification link to your new email address to ensure your safety and ours.  

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