Email Templates

How to add an “Unsubscribe” option to ReachEngine’s ready-to-use templates?

Adding an option to “Unsubscribe” from your mailing list is mandatory for sending a campaign with ReachEngine.  

Use the following steps to add an “Unsubscribe” option: –  

  1. While customizing a template, you will see an option above the content editor box called “[Available Tags].” 
reachengine's ready to use template
  • When you click “[Available Tags],” a list of tags will open.  
email tags
  • Scroll down till you see the tags for “Unsubscribe.”
sending campaign with reachengine
  • Please select and copy the suitable tag and paste it into your Email footer or wherever you think it is necessary.   
unsubscribe tags for email templates
  • Click on “save changes.” 

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