What is a verified domain?

To run an email campaign, you will need an email address to send it. This email address should be a business email such as abc@your_company_name.TLD. Please note that it can be any TLD.   

Before you send an email campaign, you need to verify your business domain, called “Sending Domain,” such as your_company_name.TLD. It is essential for us to understand your authority to send an email from the company’s official email address.

Can I add multiple sender email addresses linked to the verified domains?

Yes. Once you verify your domain with ReachEngine, you can add as many email addresses associated with that domain.  

For example, your verified domain is Then you can add multiple sender email addresses, such as  

  • hello@, 
  • newsletter@, 
  • Contact@, etc.  

Is Verified Domain same as Sending Domain?

Yes. You have to verify your sending domain. Thus, it is also known as the Verified domain.   

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