Pricing Plans and Payments

What is the 7 Days Trial Plan?

Team ReachEngine provides you with a 7 Days Free Trial Plan that will get you the following benefits: – 

  • Total 500 Emails 
  • Analytics / Reporting 
  • Email Templates 
  • Unlimited Campaigns 

How to sign up for a Free Trial?

You can sign up for the 7 Days Free Trial by following these easy steps:  

  • Check out our Pricing Plans.
  • Click on the “SIGN UP FREE” button against the Free Trial.
7 day free trial
  • Enter the required details.  
Sign up free
  • Check the box that confirms your agreement to our company policies and click on “SIGN UP FOR FREE.” 

Do I need to enter my Credit Card / Bank Details to sign up for the Free Plan? ​

The 7-day Free Trial Plan is a no-commitment plan. That means we don’t ask for any payment details to start the Free Plan. 

What happens when my Free Plan of 7 days ends?

By the end of the 7th day, the benefits of the Free Plan will expire. Before the expiry of your Free Trial period, you’ll receive a reminder notification email. We don’t want you to miss the benefits. 

What happens to the unused benefits from the 7 Days Free Trial Plan?  

The unused benefits (such as 500 emails) shall be lapsed and not carried forward. It is irrespective of whether or not you buy a paid plan during or after the free period of 7 days. 

Will I be auto-charged to a Paid Plan when the 7 Days Free Trial Ends? 

As we don’t ask for your credit card details when you sign up for the free trial, we don’t auto-charge you. You can continue your association with ReachEngine by signing up for other paid plans. Click here to learn more. 

Can my Free Plan account be deleted due to inactivity? 

You’ll get to access the benefits for seven days, irrespective of your activity. After that, you can continue using your account with the same credentials by signing up for any of our other plans.  

The Free Plan is optional and lets the user get a feel of the feature-rich and easy-to-handle dashboard of ReachEngine. However, signing up for the Free Plan is not mandatory before buying the Paid Plan. You can buy the Paid Plan directly. 

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